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But age seems to have finally caught up with me.

This makes me tear up.

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“You’ll be fine. You’re talented, you’re smart. You’re ready.”

"What if I’m not?"

"Claire, you want to know a secret? I spent my whole life being scared. Scared of not being ready, of not being right, of not being who I should be. And where did it get me?"

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A detailed analysis of the dwarf boot camp

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I used to put my ping pong balls in boiling water for a few seconds.

holy shit the youtube thing WORKS

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morgan leigh.: Don't Fly During Ramadan ›



A couple of weeks ago, I was scheduled to take a trip from New York (JFK) to Los Angeles on JetBlue. Every year, my family goes on a one-week pilgrimage, where we put our work on hold and spend time visiting temples, praying, and spending time with family…



Photos of famous landmarks while they were still under construction.


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#that crushing feeling when you find out# #your favorite writer from another fandom# #is shipping a different paring in the new fandom# #YEP#

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Julianne Moore as “Famous Works of Art” by Peter Linderbergh - for Harper’s Bazaar

Seated Woman With Bent Knee by Egon Schiele, La Grande Odalisque by Ingres, Saint Praxidis by Vermeer, The Cripple by John Currin, Les danseuses by Edgar Degas, Madame X by John Singer, Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer, Woman With a Fan by Modigliani, Man Crazy Nurse #3 by Richard Prince, Adele Bloch Bauer I by Gustav Klimt.

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